20 Years Old Girl Drowned In Order To Rescue A Motor Car Driver

The family members of a 20 years old lady named Michelle Runkle registered a case against the Columbia city and The Links at Columbia apartment complex after Michelle drowned and died in order to save a motorcar driver from floodwaters. Michelle was living in The Link for years. She died on the 14th day of September in 2008. Michelle’s parents have claimed that the lane namely the Clark Lane which she was passing through on the day she died was not safe to travel but still The Link did not closed it or put any sign of danger.

The Link was developing a culvert on the crossing of Clark lane and the Hominy Branch. The planning was to let the water flow under the lane. They started to develop the work on November 2007 and were expected to finish the work by February 2008. Light traffic was allowed to flow on the aforementioned lane while the construction work was on. The estimated time period was almost going to end. Before Michelle’s death the construction work was almost done except the northern end of the culvert. On the day of Michelle’s death it was raining hardly. The Hurricane Ike hit the Central part of Missouri and that caused a huge amount of rain. As the northern end of the culvert was not ready to use an alternative path was recommended for passers. Continue reading

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17 Years Old School Boy Drowned In School Pool

Family members of a 14 years old boy Antonio Reyes registered a case on Monday after Antonio drowned during his gym class in the last month. They claimed $15 million for the unfortunate death of their son due to their doubt that Antonio died because of the carelessness of one of the school teachers.

Antonio was a student of the Wenatchee High School. On the 17th day of November in the last year he went to school and was supposed to come home safely like any other normal day. His parents were waiting for their son to return home but in place of Antonio came the bad news that the mishap took place. Antonio somehow drowned in the school’s pool during his gym class and was found by the next batch of students of swimming class 40 minutes after his death. Continue reading

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13 Year Old Da’Quan Drowned On An Unofficial Trip To Deal Lake

13 years old boy Da’Quan Yewell drowned and died on an unofficial trip to the Deam Lake. His family has reported that he was on a trip with his school friends and one of his school teachers. The mentioned school teacher is reported to be very affectionate to students. He used to spend plenty of his time in summer with his students and took them to unofficial trips and returned them to their parents safely. Poor Da’Quan nick named Day-Day was one of his favorite students.

Like other normal days he went with the group to a trip to the Deam Lake on the day. His parents did not find anything to be worried about while he was under the supervision of the teacher. They were sure that like every day their kid would come back home in time but fate had something different for them that time. Da’Quan did not come back to home.
Antavis who was a very close friend of Da’Quan has revealed a strange fact about Da’Quan’s dream where he saw his own death. Antavis has mentioned that Da’Quan was very afraid and worried about the dream. He himself told that to Antavis. Antavis has cited to the reporters, “that what I saw was Da’Quan was trying to came out of water with his hands stretched up to the sky and in the next moment he was under the water.” He has also mentioned that he was not prepared to face the reality where his closest friends dream of being dead actualized. Continue reading

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How to Prevent Accidental Drowning in Public Pools and Beach

Drowning is major cause of death in most parts of the world. People who are expert swimmers also drown due to various reasons. It is not safe to swim alone even in your house pool. There should be another person monitoring so that there are no unfortunate happening. Strict rules must be enforced in public pools and beach so that the public is educated as well as disciplined. Each city should take responsibility for its own people.

Have a Set of Rules That is Placed Everywhere

All public pools and beaches should definitely have a set of rules. Those rules must definitely have the following points such as swimmers must be accompanied by another person, Lone swimmers should inform life guards before getting into the pool or beach, people of certain age and height should definitely be accompanied by an elderly person. Young children cannot get into the pool without floatation devices, the swimmers should only wear their swimming costume and there should be absolutely no goofing around. These rules will make sure that the public behaves and so reduce the number of accidents. Continue reading

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How To Prevent Drowning

Drowning is one of the reasons for high death rates all over the world. People can drown in the beach, the pool at the backyard, or even your bath tub in your bathroom. Well experienced swimmers can also drown due to several reasons. To prevent any accidental drowning certain protocols should be followed.

Always Be Prepared

The pool should be surrounded by fences along with a door so that kids do not wander in to the pool. Never allow kids to swim without any adult supervision. Learn CPR as it is needed in-case any unfortunate thing happens in your backyard pool. Install pool alarms that will identify anyone in water without the adult’s knowledge. Construct fences all around the pool so that no one enters it without the adult’s permission or knowledge. Continue reading

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Tips to Avoid Drowning

Drowning has become a rising cause of death worldwide. The main reason for death to occur due to drowning is panic. People who can swim may also drown when they lose control. People should be educated how to behave when then drown so that they have a chance of saving themselves.

Tips to Stay Afloat

The main cause of drowning is when people put their hands up in the attempt to get their head on top of the water. This only makes them sink even more. To prevent from drowning you need to put your hands inside the water to push your body up. You need to move the hand in a manner so hat your head comes out of the water and you can breathe. Your leg movement should be like you are walking so that you can keep floating. This will definitely get the notice of the other people eventually get help. You can stay afloat and also breath till help arrives. Continue reading

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Tips to Save Yourself From Drowning

Drowning is of the major cause of death all around the world. Even best swimmers can drown due to various reasons. You should know your capability before getting in the water. There are few tips to be followed to keep you safe from drowning.

Know the Water Well

If the water is extremely cold then you can immediately get affected by it. It is mandatory that you test the water before you plunge into it. The water can also be extremely icy cold on a very hot day as well. The current is also another factor which can pull you in and not let you out. So, if you are planning on rafting or any other water adventure then it is mandatory that you wear life jackets. Find out about the water from experts before starting your journey. Avoid high running water as they are quite dangerous as well.

Continue reading

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