How to Prevent Accidental Drowning in Public Pools and Beach

Drowning is major cause of death in most parts of the world. People who are expert swimmers also drown due to various reasons. It is not safe to swim alone even in your house pool. There should be another person monitoring so that there are no unfortunate happening. Strict rules must be enforced in public pools and beach so that the public is educated as well as disciplined. Each city should take responsibility for its own people.

Have a Set of Rules That is Placed Everywhere

All public pools and beaches should definitely have a set of rules. Those rules must definitely have the following points such as swimmers must be accompanied by another person, Lone swimmers should inform life guards before getting into the pool or beach, people of certain age and height should definitely be accompanied by an elderly person. Young children cannot get into the pool without floatation devices, the swimmers should only wear their swimming costume and there should be absolutely no goofing around. These rules will make sure that the public behaves and so reduce the number of accidents.

Educate Public On Safety

The public should be educated on how to keep themselves safe in water along with ways to identify drowning victims. Drowning kills people silently within few seconds. The lifeguard cannot have an eye on everyone at the same time. So, the public should also be aware and call out for help if they suspect anything wrong. When people drown, they tend to put their hand on top with a scared expression on their face without making any noise. People tend to drown within second and if you are not a good swimmer to help the drowning person then call for help immediately.

Warning Symbols should be Placed Everywhere

The city should place danger symbols in the different area of the beaches where accidents occur often. If the beach is quite rough then it should be closed for public. There should be life guards available for the beaches so that there is someone to monitor and rescue drowning people. It is very difficult to keep track of many people so the public should be educated on how to suspect drowning cases.

Turn Away People Who Do not Follow Rules

If you find any person who doesn’t follow the rules, they should be sent away immediately. This will ensure that they do not repeat their mistakes again. Similarly, the public should be penalized for any sort of inconvenience caused to other swimmers. There should be no pushing people in the pool as anyone can easily hit their head. Any sort of misbehavior should not be tolerated. This is the only way to discipline the public as they should understand the seriousness of situation and act responsible.

The city should be very strict in enforcing rules and also penalize people who break them. Slowly, the public will learn to follow the rules to enjoy its benefit. Public should be aware about the statistics of death due to accidental drowning so that they do not take things lightly. When necessary awareness is given to the public, then half the problem of the city is resolved without much effort.

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