How To Prevent Drowning

Drowning is one of the reasons for high death rates all over the world. People can drown in the beach, the pool at the backyard, or even your bath tub in your bathroom. Well experienced swimmers can also drown due to several reasons. To prevent any accidental drowning certain protocols should be followed.

Always Be Prepared

The pool should be surrounded by fences along with a door so that kids do not wander in to the pool. Never allow kids to swim without any adult supervision. Learn CPR as it is needed in-case any unfortunate thing happens in your backyard pool. Install pool alarms that will identify anyone in water without the adult’s knowledge. Construct fences all around the pool so that no one enters it without the adult’s permission or knowledge.

Learn to Swim

Teach your kids to swim at a very young age. Kids as young as 5 year of age learn to swim and it is essential that they learn early else they will forever be scared of water. Also, learn to swim in all level of water as swimming in 3 feet of water is different from swimming in 10 feet of water. Similarly, swimming in the beach or the steam is a complete different experience. Learn all sorts of different swimming technique before you attempt to get into it. Dive only from the diving boards. Do not dive head first without knowing the depth of the pool as it causes various serious injuries.

Test Out Floatation Device

Floatation device is one of the universally used mechanisms to keep one from drowning as it is cheap and also reliable. But before buying one, make sure it can handle your weight. Also buy one from a reputable brand as it is important that when in water with the flotation device, it doesn’t inflate.

Do not Play Around Water

It only means that one shouldn’t push another person in the water or fake like they are drowning as it may lead to very serious consequences. Misbehaviors should be penalized as they cause various accidents as well as inconvenience.

Follow Rules

If you like to swim in the public pools then you must follow their set of rules. These rules are made to make the swimming experience pleasant for the public. The lifeguards must also be at place while performing the duties. When people do not follow rules it will ruin the fun of all other people over there. Sign boards must be paid attention as they are put there for your own safety.

Always Swim with a Companion

Never swim alone. There should always be a companion to help you out when you are in trouble. Even if you are an expert swimmer, you can come across many kinds of problem when at water. If you get hurt and fall, you cannot get up on your own. It is mandatory to swim with a companion to overcome such issues.

Kids can drown easily as they have heavy heads. If their head is submersed in the water, then it is difficult to take their head out of it. So, do not leave any infant unattended near water. Take good care of your family and take precautionary measures while in water to have safe fun.

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