Tips to Avoid Drowning

Drowning has become a rising cause of death worldwide. The main reason for death to occur due to drowning is panic. People who can swim may also drown when they lose control. People should be educated how to behave when then drown so that they have a chance of saving themselves.

Tips to Stay Afloat

The main cause of drowning is when people put their hands up in the attempt to get their head on top of the water. This only makes them sink even more. To prevent from drowning you need to put your hands inside the water to push your body up. You need to move the hand in a manner so hat your head comes out of the water and you can breathe. Your leg movement should be like you are walking so that you can keep floating. This will definitely get the notice of the other people eventually get help. You can stay afloat and also breath till help arrives.

Remember To Breath

When your head is above the water, take long breaths so that your lung is filled with air. You need to relax and follow the above steps so that you can keep floating. Only when there is no air in the lungs are you more prone to sinking. Similarly, when you are under water then do not breath as water in your lungs will definitely knock you out.

Refrain from Creating a Scene

Only when you try to create a scene to gain attention will you sink more easily. You can go underwater within seconds so that no one will even realize. By following the first step you can stay above water for awhile and life guards will realize that you are in trouble. When you make wild movements you will also lose the stored energy in your body which will lead to quicker drowning.

How to Rescue a Drowning Victim

When you witness a victim drowning, you should either call for help or if you are trained to rescue, then save him according to protocol. You should always have a flotation device when you are in a rescue operation. You should also approach the victim from behind else they will try to push you inside water in an attempt for them to catch their breath. Once you are behind the victim, pull them up by placing your arms under their armpit. Keep the float in between both of you so that once the victim is up they can hold on to the device. This will ensure that you and the victim are quite safe.

Once out of the water, analyze if the victim needs CPR and it should be performed immediately. If you are not trained in CPR then call out for someone who can help. It is essential to get the water out of the lungs as soon as possible to save the victim’s life.
Be constantly aware of your surrounding as there might be people who need your help. Always go swimming with a companion as you need someone to watch your back.

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