17 Years Old School Boy Drowned In School Pool

Family members of a 14 years old boy Antonio Reyes registered a case on Monday after Antonio drowned during his gym class in the last month. They claimed $15 million for the unfortunate death of their son due to their doubt that Antonio died because of the carelessness of one of the school teachers.

Antonio was a student of the Wenatchee High School. On the 17th day of November in the last year he went to school and was supposed to come home safely like any other normal day. His parents were waiting for their son to return home but in place of Antonio came the bad news that the mishap took place. Antonio somehow drowned in the school’s pool during his gym class and was found by the next batch of students of swimming class 40 minutes after his death.

Hearing the news Antonio’s family went under a terrific shock. His father has mentioned that Antonio did not know how to swim. So, the obvious question that raises here is why did Antonio even go to the pool if he had no knowledge of swimming? His father has also informed that Antonio had never mentioned that he had that class.

The case may seem to be a normal accident case but there are many questions that are not yet answered. The most pertinent question here is how is it possible that a 17 years old boy who did not know how to swim fell into the pool and drowned and no one saw him drowning while the classes were on and the school was full with student. If Antonio did not know how to swim it is easily comprehensible that he had called other students or teachers or guards, whoever was near to get out of the pool. But is it possible that no one was there and no one heard him calling for help? Or the story is something different like Antonio did not call anyone or could not call anyone!

Antonio’s family has claimed the answer to the question about how is it possible that a boy just drowned in the pool within the school compound and no one found him and then his dead body got found after 40 long minutes! Attorney Sim Osborn, who is representing the Reyes family, has mentioned that the Wenatchee School has to answer the question.
Sim Osborn has disclosed another shocking news at a news conference that Antonio signed up in the class for a couple of days and his swimming ability had not yet been tested. Here raise the next question. If the Antonio’s swimming ability had never been tested then why did they allow the poor to go into the pool? Sim Osborn has also mentioned that the school authority did not answer any question of Reyes family. They were only found expressing their ignorance about how did that happen.

When the family pressurized the district for a press interview to answer all of their questions they denied to face any interview. In their half the district officials have only put forward a written statement extending their absolute sympathy to the Reyes family. The only positive steps that have been taken are the announcement of an investigation and the closing of the pool until the investigation ends.

Antonio was a sweet and friendly boy, his friends said. His death has deeply touched his friends, classmates and teachers. One of his friends said “We don’t know why he was there near the pool. We will always feel his absence.” Antonio’s mother was under deep shock. Filomena Reyes, Antonio’s mother felt that Antonio’s death had snatched away all the hopes of her life and had filled her life with complete darkness. Relatives of Antonio also expressed their condolences for the poor family. According to one of the close relatives, “It is indeed very sad. Losing your child is a loss you can neither fulfill nor forget. Antonio was a sweet and polite boy. His death is really unacceptable”. According to Sim the sudden death of a 17 years of old boy is no doubt a tragedy but in Antonio’s case it is totally unacceptable because it could be prevented.

Although the Wenatchee High School officials had promised that they will cooperate in finding out the truth as much as possible and had mentioned that the safety of the students lies in the top most place of their priority list there is no sign of them doing so. On the contrary they are found to hide themselves behind shields whenever they are asked any question. For instance, while the swimming teacher was asked whether he did the roll call carefully after the class or whether he checked out the swimming pool after the class was over the school authority requested the reporters to bring a written request to cross any of the school staffs.

The story of their non-cooperation is not yet finished. The school has sent the gym teacher to an administrative leave. It is clearly an indication that they are trying to keep him away from any questioning and that in turn is strengthening the doubt that the death of Antonio is the fruit of someone’s carelessness. More over the district has denied commenting on the claims due to their legal counsel’s advice.

However, the Wenatchee High School has mentioned that they have a special insurance policy for each and every student and have assured that Antonio’s family will also get the benefits.

But a loss of life is such a thing that cannot be fulfilled. All that the Reyes family wants now is to find out the reason behind Antonio’s unacceptable death, to find out the person who could be so irresponsible that a 17 years of old boy had to sacrifice his life. Antonio’s father has cited that he will not take rest until he finds out the person responsible for Antonio’s death. The unfortunate parents have nothing to do now except praying to god for the peace of the soul of their son.

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