13 Year Old Da’Quan Drowned On An Unofficial Trip To Deal Lake

13 years old boy Da’Quan Yewell drowned and died on an unofficial trip to the Deam Lake. His family has reported that he was on a trip with his school friends and one of his school teachers. The mentioned school teacher is reported to be very affectionate to students. He used to spend plenty of his time in summer with his students and took them to unofficial trips and returned them to their parents safely. Poor Da’Quan nick named Day-Day was one of his favorite students.

Like other normal days he went with the group to a trip to the Deam Lake on the day. His parents did not find anything to be worried about while he was under the supervision of the teacher. They were sure that like every day their kid would come back home in time but fate had something different for them that time. Da’Quan did not come back to home.
Antavis who was a very close friend of Da’Quan has revealed a strange fact about Da’Quan’s dream where he saw his own death. Antavis has mentioned that Da’Quan was very afraid and worried about the dream. He himself told that to Antavis. Antavis has cited to the reporters, “that what I saw was Da’Quan was trying to came out of water with his hands stretched up to the sky and in the next moment he was under the water.” He has also mentioned that he was not prepared to face the reality where his closest friends dream of being dead actualized.

Antavis and many other students who were with Da’Quan have claimed that his death was not an accident, instead it was a murder. They have claimed to evident the murder of their friend by a man with white complexion, long blonde hair touching his shoulder. Antavis has told the reporters that the man appeared from nowhere and pushed Da’Quan under water by his head. That was when Day-day tried to escape his firm hold and to get some air to breath by pushing up his arms and head upward. Antavis saw Da’Quan then and shouted for help to rescue his friend. But the man, Antavis has reported did not seem to be afraid and he force back Da’Quan into the water again. And then he was gone like he dissolved in the air.

Jim Schreck, who is the Indiana Conservation Officer, has disclosed to the press that the place where Antavis has reported to see the man trying to drown his poor friend intentionally is exactly the same place where Da’Quan’s dead body was found. The place was 10 feet or more in water and 40 to 50 feet from the shore where they found the unfortunate kid’s dead body. A strange news that he has brought under light is that none of the boys in the water was wearing life jackets.

According to the responsible police officers who are investigating the case there is no reason to consider the case as something more than a mere accident. The officer-in-charge have mentioned,” we have not yet seen the reason to declare the death of the poor kid as a preplanned murder. But we are looking for all the possible clues. All the witnesses are enquired. They will be re-enquired. Folks have been requested come up to police if they have any information about the incident. Every bit of information related to the case if valuable for the investigation. If we find anything doubtful we will be got to action immediately.” He has also mentioned that after interrogating and re-interrogating all the witnesses, and the boys who were in the group no information that points out to Da’Quan’s murder came out.

Da’Quan’s death has pushed his mother into deep sorrow. His five brothers and sisters are also under shock. One of his family members has mentioned that it took a pretty long time for them to believe that their Day-Day is not with them anymore, that they will not be able to see him smiling, talking and playing with his brothers and sisters. A close friend of the Yewell family has stated, “Da’Quan was a nice kid. He was very friendly and polite. We will miss him.”

Da’Quan’s mother LeTasha Yewell is still looking forward to find out the person who is responsible for her son’s death. And one other thing that she demands is that the Indiana Police Department should stop considering Da’Quan’s death an accident and try their best to find out the culprit.

Da’Quan is dead by now and his body is buried but the incident has left behind a trail of questions to be solved. Antavis and many of Da’Quan’s friends have claimed to see a man who in front of their eyes killed their loving friend. The Question is, why on the earth would someone want to kill a 13 years old innocent kid? And the even more basic question is that who was the man whom the boys saw? Where did he come from? Where did he go? These are not all. There are more, like, why did not Da’Quan put on a life jacket? What is the referred teachers’ comment on the incident and where was he when Da’Quan was drowning or being drowned? Is there really any connection between the Dream that Da’Quan saw about his death and his death in reality?
However, the except the last question all the other questions can be investigated by the police. Yewell family is still hoping for the help of the police department to find out the answers.

The police may find out the actual story someday. The truth may reveal someday. But Da’Quan will never return. That is a loss for his family that won’t ever be compensated. However, Yewell family has requested to people to pray for the peace of the soul of their kid and donate (if anyone wants to) for Da’Quan’s funeral. Interested people can donate through any branch of Republic Bank.

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